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                      中文版 English
                      About Firepros
                      Contact Us


                      Hong Kong Firepros Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a Hong Kong registered company, which is engaged in importing and marketing of international high-end fireproof building materials.

                      Currently, we have successfully introduced high-end European fireproof glass(the second generation crystal silicon fireproof glass). We set up factories in China and the product has passed BSEN1634, BSEN1364, BS476, Part22, AS1530.4, GB15763.1 and many other domestic and international standards testing. After launching products in market, it has been well received by the owners, professionals, high-end customers; and it is currently the most high-end fireproof glass, a sustainable, green and environmental protection high quality fireproof glass. The warranty period is five years, and has been rated as "the most popular product" award in Europe for twenty years’ using. Successful introduction and production of Firepros crystal silicon fireproof glass fills the gaps in our country where there has no high-end fireproof glass.

                      European standard is recognized as the most rigorous standards in the world. We introduced Ashkenazi Europe advanced high quality inorganic fireproof glass production and control technology in 2014, through the joint efforts of technicians of the mainland, Hong Kong and Germany, it succeed production in Hengba company in January 2015. Because it contains high permeability silicon crystal, we call it for "new crystal silicon fireproof glass.

                      The main purpose of crystal silicon fireproof glass: replacing imported expensive fireproof glass, monolithic non-thermal insulation fireproof glass, layer type composite fireproof glass, grouting composite fire glass, used for important buildings and high-grade decoration. In fact, because of its excellent stability, it is high class quality fireproof glass, which has a strong and stable environmental protection.

                      Hong Kong Firepros Fireproof Building Materials Co., Ltd. All righs reserved. Technical support:glass.com.cnbmlink.comlogin

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