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                      Firepros situation

                      Hong Kong Firepros Fireproof Building Materials Co., Ltd. is located in the Fumin industry area in Taoyuan town of Heshan city in Guangdong Province China(Taoyuan section of National Highway No.325).specializing in research and production: fire-resistant glass, fire-resistant glass doors and windows and its supporting products, while toughened glass, tempered glass, chemical. The company self-built modern industrial plants, plant covers an area of 10000 square meters, the company has all kinds of professional and technical personnel and large domestic and foreign advanced production equipment, testing facilities excellent, provide sufficient guarantee for the development and production of products.

                      Traffic advantage

                      The core area of Heshan city is located in the Pearl River Delta economic circle, convenient traffic environment, near Guangzhou, Foshan, Hongkong and other ports; the coastal high-speed, convenient traffic network at. The economically developed city about 30 minutes apart, -1 hours drive from distance, make business easier, more efficient.

                      Technical qualifications excellent certification

                      Our company took the lead in the development and production of floor spring fireproof glass door, beautiful and practical, welcomed by users and won the national patent (Patent No.: ZL200520065382.2). After years of development of robust, with research and professional technology, advanced, modern production and quality first, people-oriented business management mode, constant care has successfully become the forefront of the industry, one of China's largest, most professional fireproof glass, fireproof glass door window manufacturer, was named "China fire the glass top ten enterprises", revised and part of the fireproof glass national standards, by virtue of consistent quality products was named "China famous brand".

                      The huge development potential

                      Products are exported to all over the country and Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan, Britain, France, Spain and other countries and regions, customers through the Ministry of public security of the people's Republic of China on site and fire products Chinese information network query our company has passed some fire products detection. Perfect service system Hengbao completes with foreign service system, in the economic development, economic development in the city set up intensive business office.

                      Looking to the future, we have more confidence and customers work together to create tomorrow's success, and share the harvest tomorrow, we will as in the past "down-to-earth, seriously for the sake of customers, strive for customer share", make persistent efforts, make our cooperation more successful, more perfect.

                      Hong Kong Firepros Fireproof Building Materials Co., Ltd. All righs reserved. Technical support:glass.com.cnbmlink.comlogin